Development history of hanging paper air freshener


The invention of this fragrant slice has to be talked about more than 60 years ago. At that time, in Watertown, New York, USA, there was a German-Jewish chemist named Julius Samann. He fled here from Germany in order to avoid the Nazis. One day, Julius chatted with a local milkman. The milkman complained to him: Every time I finish delivering milk, there will be a smell of milk in my car!
Julius began to study how to eliminate the odor in the car. And when he dipped the paper into the pine essential oil he was studying, Julius's mind suddenly came to light. In 1954, he applied for a patent for a tree-shaped paper sheet impregnated with air freshener for vehicles. Immediately afterwards, Julius began production in an abandoned car dealership, and delivered trial products to the local gas station. The small tree car hanger quickly became popular. And gradually became a cultural symbol.
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