What should I pay attention to when selecting a switch panel?


Is the switch panel important for home decoration? A switch panel can control the operation of all home appliances, so it is a very important part in the home improvement process.

A small switch panel can master the lifeblood of household electricity, and its importance cannot be ignored. Before panel installation, it is necessary to bury the bottom box in advance, and choose the specifications of panel products according to its size and usage requirements.

Don't be greedy for cheap

Don't be greedy for cheap, you must choose good quality, so as to ensure a longer service life. The materials used in the panel products of high-quality switches are excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance.

Choose a brand with anti-counterfeiting and certification

There are also many factors to consider when buying. The size of the panel product should be the same as the size of the pre-embedded junction box; the surface is smooth, the brand logo is obvious, there are anti-counterfeiting signs and the Great Wall logo of the national electrical safety certification; the hand feels flexible when the switch is turned on. The socket is stable.

The material should be stable

The material should be stable and not easy to fade. In addition to using high-grade plastics, the current panel products also have metal materials such as gold-plated, stainless steel, and copper. The appearance is very beautiful, providing people with more and more choices. Whether the panel material of the socket can be flame-retardant is very important. When purchasing, choose the socket that uses imported PC as the material.

The copper sheet should have a certain thickness; the material of the panel product should be flame-retardant and firm; the height of the switch is generally 1200 to 1350 mm, the distance between the door frame and the edge of the door is 150 to 200 mm, and the height of the power socket is generally 200 to 300 mm.

The power plug must comply with national standards

Isolating switches are mainly suitable for low-voltage terminal power distribution systems such as residential buildings and buildings in low-voltage equipment. After the circuit transformation is completed, it is necessary to check whether each power socket and switch can be used normally. National standards require that the power socket is normally plugged and unplugged for more than 40,000 times.

Nowadays, many people will choose smart wall switches, sockets and other products, which can easily realize the intelligent control of the whole house and make your home smart in seconds. In terms of smart products, Aqara's smart wall switches, smart sockets and other products have been favored by consumers. The intelligent light control system does not need a wireless network to achieve point-to-point control at the site, and it does not need to change any accessories of the lamp, just replace the original wall switch directly. Impact resistance, high temperature resistance, good surface smoothness, and easy cleaning are all its advantages. The power socket products are made of high-grade elastic elastic phosphor bronze sheet, which has good elasticity, smooth insertion and insertion, strong flexibility and strong variability.

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